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Home Automation Perth

Home Automation Perth

Home Automation Perth has changed many of the industries that sustain Australia’s growing economy, with mining, manufacturing and construction benefitting from a hands-off approach to productivity. It would only be a matter of time until the residential industry flowed suit, with the ability to manage a wide variety of home-based applications with the precision and continuity merely unreachable by humans.

AEP covers a comprehensive scope of electrical outcomes. When it comes to home automation in Perth, we’re adding to our list of happy customers regularly, offering innovative solutions that result in increased convenience and lower energy consumption. Want to know more? Speak to a staff member now on (08) 9302 2000 or leave us a message.

Monitoring your Energy Usage

With a growing awareness of energy usage and concern for environmental issues, many of our customers are now investing in electricity measuring devices. By measuring usage and cost per hour, these devices have the potential to save homeowners substantial amounts on their energy bills. While this is hugely beneficial to the homeowner, it has a massive impact on the movement towards greener energy on earth.

Indoor Electrical Installation and Maintenance

Whether you’re extending your home, carrying out some internal renovation work, or require maintenance on your existing electrical system, our team can help. We’re confident that you will benefit from talking to any one of our staff concerning all of your internal electrical requirements.

The Innovative C-Bus Automation System

The C-Bus home automation system gives you the ability to manage and implement your electrical devices via remote control. Having installed hundreds of these units around Perth, we’re able to tailor one to suit your unique needs. Whatever it is you want to do, from controlling your Hi-Fi, air-conditioning or garden irrigation system, this is the product you’ve been waiting for.

Start the Process

A sophisticated house automation system is only a click away, with All Electrical Perth offering specialised installation and maintenance in Western Australia. We provide custom solutions that will meet your home’s unique design and automation criteria, as well as standard systems that can plug into your existing infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking for some friendly advice or a quote on the best home automation installation from AEP, get in touch. You can reach a consultant on (08) 9302 2000 or wait for a response by completing our online contact form.


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