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Our modern and trendy radiant heaters ensure that you’re able to entertain outdoors all year-round. Your guests will experience pure comfort and warmth, regardless of the weather conditions.

Have a look at our range of radiant heaters:


Radiant energy, also known as infrared, is the most practical method to warm up open outdoor spaces such as terraces and verandahs. It’s also perfect for heating indoor and outdoor areas where the re-circulation of air is difficult to contain.

The Alfresco Strip uses a heated quartz element that emanates a clean and safe wavelength of light that can only be absorbed by solid objects. This means that the heat is transmitted to tables, floors and even to people directly, as opposed to blowing warm air. The result is that the heat is circulated evenly, and won’t be affected by wind.

A radiant energy heater is also eco-friendly and cheaper than other types of heaters. In fact, the beauty of the infrared fixture is that it converts over 90% of the input energy straight into radiant heat, and therefore costs only a few cents per hour to operate. This is what makes Infratech radiant heaters the sensible environmental- and money-saving choice. We can also tailor the design and engineering controls to suit any size space.


Heatstrip is our range of alfresco heaters that use radiant energy to heat the outdoor environment. It is the most effective and energy-efficient method because the heat is targeted at heating objects, which in turn evenly spreads the warmth.

This product is proudly designed, engineered and assembled in Australia, which means that you can be assured of its premium quality. Its supreme functionality is complemented by a slimline and stylish aesthetic appearance that will add a certain flair to the existing décor of your home.


The Rinnai range of radiant heaters represents the evolution of outdoor electric heating. Unlike traditional heaters, beams of heat are sent via infrared energy exclusively to the surrounding solid objects and the people in close proximity. Because of this, your comfort is guaranteed. The Rinnai features include:

  • Exceptional quality corrosion-resistant materials
  • An industry-leading dust and waterproof rating(IP65)
  • A light that indicates the on and off statuses of the heater



Bromic is designed solely for the hospitality- and private markets. Meticulous attention to the ambience, size and specific aesthetics of the space are considered to ensure that the heater complements the environment, while still providing world-class heating.

Bromic understands that each outdoor area is unique, which is why a combination of different types of heaters is used to guarantee that the area receives heat that provides optimal comfort. The decision for which heaters to use is based on differences in size, shape, height clearances and climate, as well as access to power sources.

The ability to customise the outdoor setting with fixed and portable units, powered by gas or electricity, is what makes Bromic the ultimate outdoor heating solution.

The Benefits of Radiant Electrical Heating

  • It is the perfect heating option for an outdoor setting because the radiant energy completely warms people and any objects within the heat dispersion area
  • Minimal energy is lost into the atmosphere because it’s not blowing air like a traditional heater
  • The heat is evenly distributed because of the long design of the heating units
  • It’s very low maintenance
  • The slimline units are unobtrusive due to its ability to be mounted on a high wall, on a pergola or even the roof
  • It will be out of reach of young children, ensuring their safety
  • It’s cost-effective and eco-friendly

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