Air conditioning Installation Perth

All Electrical Perth provides superior Split System air conditioning installation services in Perth. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient, reliable AC system for your home or business, fully installed. Our qualified electricians have more than 20 years’ experience working with all types and brands of cooling systems. We have installed reliable, cost efficient AC systems in many homes and businesses throughout Perth. You know you are making the right choice when you get All Electrical Perth to complete your Air Conditioning install.

Our team of air conditioning specialists are based in suburbs Perth wide. Ask for an onsite consultation with detailed pricing proposal now! We are happy to offer you the best advice and expertise at no extra charge!

Install Only or Supply and Install – All Major Brands (Split Systems only)

When it comes to getting your new air conditioning installed with All Electrical Perth It is your choice. If you have already purchased an air conditioning system, we will provide expert installation services to ensure your system works at optimal capacity. If you haven’t yet purchased your AC units, we are happy to leverage our extensive range of industry contacts to get you the best price on all major brands and types of air conditioners – including evaporative, refrigerated, reverse cycle. We supply and install Daiken and other major brands

Get the Right Air Conditioning System for You

Not sure what type of size of air conditioning system is right for you? If you have never purchased air conditioning previously, it can be confusing to know which type of cooling system will suit your application or budget. The last thing you want is an AC unit that is too big or too small for your home or business. There are many factors to consider including the volume and orientation of your rooms, the amount or type of insulation in your walls or ceiling, the proportion of glass to solid walls, and of course your budget.

“Ducted Evaporative Air conditioning maintenance and repairs”

Ducted air conditioning is a very popular choice for most people. This is due to the very even air distribution and the ease with which you can control your environment. Your central AC control system can cool your entire home, or specific zones with almost no noise. Ducted AC systems are available in a choice of single or 3 phase models – we will definitely have one that is right for your project. Because the ducting is hidden in your walls or ceilings, you will not have any visible AC units hanging on the wall or in your windows. The aesthetic of your rooms will be uncompromised when you choose Ducted Air Conditioning for your home or business.

For most people Ducted AC is more cost effective than hanging multiple split systems throughout your home. Of course, adding ducted air con will often add value to your property as well as enhancing your lifestyle during those long hot, Perth summers.

Split system air conditioners installed

Split system air conditioners are available in either single or multi head units attached to one compressor. A typical setup has the compressor outside the building either wall mounted or on the ground, while the AC head is wall mounted inside your home or business. Split system AC has grown in popularity in recent years due to its relatively simple and quick installation. There is no ducting to work through your walls and ceilings so installation can be completed within a few hours.

Maintenance is a breeze – simple wash your filters once a year and routinely clean your unit. Because the compressor is outside your building, the unit is relatively quiet making it perfect for bedrooms and entertainment rooms.

The running costs of split system air con are often lower than ducted systems because you can choose which rooms to cool at specific times.

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